An operator’s manual from the Ancients…

…for YOU in modern life !

Many have become familiar with Chinese Astrology through the zodiac of the Twelve Animals, and have taken delight in recognizing the Animal attributed to them through their year of birth.

The Animal natures are, of course, charming in their associations, and instructive in their characterization of human variety, pointing towards an individual’s potential fortitude as well as possible faults.

But the traditions of astrological understanding borne along in the ancient lineages of Chinese culture go far deeper and encompass a much broader range of knowledge and wisdom.

Through Mìng Lǐ Xīng Rán—”Fate Pattern Astrology”—the rhythms of life at large can be seen through the lens of human experience, invoking the wisdom of seeing Life-as-it-is, from your own personal point of view, and for your own unique individual experience.

Let us at The Fenwick Academy guide you into this informative and inspiring view towards your own Nature, and help you to look deeply into your own Fate, Character, and Fortune, through the mirror of the Celestial Stars….!

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